What on earth is a “scrub stick”?

Summer is here!  Are your feet ready?  Mine aren’t, and there’s a reason.  I hate to touch my feet!  Let’s be honest, when they are not in stinky socks or worse, nylons, they are down there on the dirty ground. It’s icky.   I don’t want my hands in all that, I have to eat with these hands.

Feet need to be scrubbed and softened.  Of course, seriously neglected feet require tools, and sometimes professional assistance to correct.  But regular maintenance with an easy to use product helps keep the feet in good shape.

I thought “H1214ow can I make scrub and moisturizing product that I will actually use?  It has to be neat and convenient.”  The perfect solution is – make a solid scrub stick and put it in push up tubes!


And that is how the scrub stick was born.

The scrub stick is made of cocoa butter and beeswax and it contains scrubby Epsom Salts and Himalayan Pink Salt.

The container is wide enough to scrub pretty big areas of the foot, but the stick is curved inside so it gets around the tough corners and edges.

The stick can be used in the shower or you can scrub after soaking, as20170630_085709 shown in the video below.

Moisturizing cocoa butter is rubbed in as you are scrubbing, so there is no need to wait for it to soak in.  You can use it every day either at night, or when getting ready for the day before putting on shoes. Your feet are exfoliated and soft right away.  Just scrub, rinse, dry, and you are ready to go.

See all the great scents and get your scrub stick at flowersongsoap.com



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