What is Blossom to Bath?

Organic Four Color Organic Seal-.25b

Blossom to Bath is a description of the new line of certified organic bath and body products from Flowersong Soap Studio.

In the same manner that food is “Farm to Fork”, “Blossom to Bath” is an expression of the direct path from fields of flowers, roots, herbs, nuts, and fruits to the cosmetic ingredients you put on your skin daily.

You can be sure these USDA Certified formulas of bath and body products adhere to the latest standards of freshness and purity for organic products.


Certified by Oregon Tilth, Flowersong Soap Studio is part of a community of manufacturers and retailers that have set a high bar for “natural” and “organic” products.  These companies voluntarily adhere to the National Organics Program rules for sourcing, handling, and processing of agricultural and non-agricultural ingredients to ensure products are free of synthetics, genetically modified materials, pesticides, and other unwholesome substances.

Flowersong Soap Studio’s current line of products includes 8 formulas that have been approved by the USDA as Organic and 2 that are certified as Made with Organic ingredients.  Organic products include our Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub Stick, Face Balm, Face Scrub, Whipped Body Butter, Beard Butter, Beard Oil, and Scented Oils.  Certified Made with Organic ingredients include our Natural Deodorant and Handmade Soap.


By flowerjen

Maker of artisan bath and body * Favorite quote: "wow that smells good" * Quality and process nerd * Occasional mad scientist

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