What you need to know about natural deodorant

Natural deodorant is not just a replacement for the deodorant/antiperspirant products from the grocery store that most people use.  It is an alternative style of personal care that works with the natural processes of the body.

But what if it doesn’t work for you?  No one wants to get caught without odor protection in the middle of the day!

What is the difference?

Natural deodorant uses a totally different strategy for accomplishing odor protection vs antiperspirant.   Antiperspirant says “Not to worry!  I will shut off that smelly body function so you don’t have to sweat ever again.”  And your glands say “Alert! Alert!  Lock down mode imminent!”  Natural deodorant does not have the gland blocking antiperspirant ingredient that causes the shut down.  Instead of blocking your natural functions, natural deodorant says “OK you need to sweat, let’s address the sweat issue.”  And your glands say “Thank you for working with us, life is so much easier when everyone is enabled to do their job.”

At first, it takes some getting used to – being a normal, sweating human being.  After many years of equating “damp” with “smelly”, our brains are prone to think “oh this deodorant does not work” because it feels different.  The trick is to remember to check for ACTUAL smelly-ness before deciding there is a problem.

It may take experimenting with different brands of product to find the one you like best.  Sort of like hair products or skin lotion, everyone has their preferences and different formulas work better for different people.

About baking soda

Baking soda is a POWERFUL deodorizer. It is a pretty harsh chemical, actually.  Baking soda should be present in TINY amounts in any sensitive skin leave-on product.  Its job is deodorizing.  Moisture is absorbed by other ingredients in the product like clays and powders.  If you have tried a product that made your underarms dry, itchy, burning, and scaly – look at the ingredients and see if high levels of baking soda are present.  It should be one of the last ingredients on the list.

On a personal note

I was at the top of the list of unbelievers in natural deodorant EVER being a replacement for my well loved brand of antiperspirant.  On the day I was testing the first version of this product, I had quite a deodorant testing day!  I locked my keys in my car (including my house keys), so I had to get a cab, call the locksmith, and of course, it turns out my house is pretty tightly locked down…. short story, I was in the Arizona sun on a sweltering August afternoon (114F!) in a suit and heels for over 4 hours.  There was sweat!!! but no smell! No one was more shocked than me.  I have not looked back since then – almost a year!

If you choose to join the liberated legions of sweating-but-not-smelly natural deodorant users, be sure to check out our selection.  New fragrances are being added all the time.